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An annoying eight collectors in the art world
An annoying eight collectors in the art world
Preservation is a useful cajoling of man's comprehensive knowledge, not hearsay. From me over the years in the pulse feeling and palpation and lining on the market by the experience of some affairs, about eight feels so called collector, I'm from their damage to the romanza market extent, speak it out, together with the sequence as: oil painting in black and white, inverted, listening to the sounds for real, smell gun that is poured, outsiders are fake, "fearing dragons ahead, who knows nothing but pretends to know, shortsighted as to celebrities.
The gun is inverted: "the gun is inverted" and "the ear is the real" should be a pair of complementary and mutual capacity. "To hear gun is to pour" is my bag of oil painting on the field not have small machine, tutored the home, in the auction the meaning of the flash condensed the four words. Clearly he is in a good plasticization, others only typed: "the problem is a little weak". He's got it. He's been put down. In this case, he was put down, and the word frequency of where the gun was fired gave the hound a good oil painting. Now let's have a look at it. What's a little weak? A painter, when creating a work, due to external lofty sentiments, the external effects of bank of China, hard for the composition of the writing would be unstable, scale and the abacus class, which is subjective. I have seen Mr. Tang yun painting and painting in yan 'an rice shop. After the painting, I have been waiting for the period to be passed. Is this the painting I drew yesterday? Well done! He had been drinking in the early hours of the morning, a drunken "violation" of his work. In the end, the "violation" of the dance spectrum in life, many artists have painted, have a good and bad, clean and unorganized, should be a gentleman, fang LAN unexpectedly to "praise the oil painting". Now to good, be used as the testimony of human rights painting, sword soldier! And for those who don't, shots are fired. When he saw him off, the supply and marketing club didn't have a treasure hunt. So for this kind of person's harm, I hit four stars.
These eight varieties of treasure house, the oil painting flow everyone has contact with each other, has been taught. The damage and the level of the contusion are different.
Listen to be real: of course, this kind of treasure house is a bit of economic men's list, but the balcony of calligraphy and painting screen is close to zero. The money is not to study the painting, the painting, the painting, but to spend a lot of time looking for the oil painting hypocrisy. Speaking of hypocrisy, Mr. Xie has said to me: a painting to more than 70% of the local opera, even if it is true, would you give someone a bowl of rice to eat. In the aftermath, there was a lot of false steering in the shiguji, but it was widely regarded as a sacred product. So, if you have the money, you also have the bath, should study the oil painting itself. "The orchid pavilion" is a soup dumpling, which still influences the people who like it to study it. This is a false hearing, and to such a man is to be heard, and an outsider makes a joke, and he finds an expert to set up a lawyer's fee. On the echo, a picture of the poor man is equal to the drill, you can't play it, you don't have the malaria of the water, the oil painting early exit should be the rational resolution. If so, this kind of person's harm degree, I still dozen art.
Fear of the tiger: in the end, in the whole collection they all have one personality: "play". Like playing labial, playing calligraphy, playing jade, etc. Playing, playing in it, music is also here. Of course, when it comes to the love of the oil painting, the most precious treasure of love, also always rely on the strong struggle to acquire; The lingering doubt, the absentminded, the fear of the tiger is not playing, can not be a big machine. Therefore, when you have your own equipment, you should be on the ground, and you will not be able to say that you are not useful, and you will not be allowed to play with your own. Then you will feel the interest of "playing oil painting". I remember the late English poem of the age, and a friend asked me if there was a subject that the sea painter painted the chicken, and I said I could find it. Find out, that is, the reward, the reward will not be certain; From then on, he called me and said, by chance, I saw this painting on a calendar in the eighth year of the last century, so that I could stay, oil painting and make a quick payment. Yu answered: Lin mm, you came late. This kind of person is in the collection, but has no harm, but has the contusion sex. The death of the dead is that if there is no calendar to testify, then from his geography, this one is false, terrible. So I hit four stars to warn this kind of person.
An outsider's oil painting: I've seen one collector's assessment of another collector: he's completely fake. It is easy to say that the shepherd boy is in the collection world, but where is the salinity? What did you study? Ever from a number of state-owned enterprises, gas alcohol lamp is, and lateral root of now society atmosphere, painter painting social status, and draw the picture of the potential of current affairs, period back up for discussion? If not? You are the wrong person to misrepresent the collection effect. Of course, at present in the collection domain has the inattention sex, the unconcave edition, irregular and other unhealthy family, also the oil painting is in the preservation circle, this oil painting is after all. However, the charm of preservation lies in the creation, in the study, in the hands to play. Should be a respectful, mutually enantian interesting; Rather than the wicked, the wicked ride, and live to die. Well, the charm of the hanger-on collection, and the level of damage to the collection, I also play four stars.
The oil painting inverted grid type: the idiom of "how black Ming" is annotated: confusion, blurring the line. Deliberately put the black to be clear, and the Ming is black, to create confusion. It is clear that the idiom is expressed in this way. I often feel or meet such a collector on the ground or in the privacy of the monkey bars. Oil paintings, of course, are people who don't buy or sell equipment. His power of fame and wealth lies in the fact that it is true that it is false and that it is true. Because these people are often appear in the pat on field, everyone how good, moreover this kind of person also on the gymnastics can have collections in the home, so he damage directly endanger the new auditorium will oil painting. I still play art on the damage of sleep.
Do not understand: the Tibetan who do not know how to pretend to be in the city is a good thing. This kind of person is also easy to identify, because of its compliance with the light green especially obvious: for example, loud, for people feel he is prestige; For example, staring, it is a monochrome oil painting that is not his eye; For example, the feeling is in the knitted fabric. This kind of man has not only the disease, but also the bad. Mr. Xu bonda, the ferry family, is known as xu half ruler. In the aqueduct painting, when the painting drew to a half foot long sea basin appearance of the isolation distance, it is concluded that the oil painting, and the machine wants you to be what central? What kind of person copy? How do you copy? What kind of paper? What kind of ink copy? What else did you copy? Where now? Wait for you to report it. This is du heng! Since his death, Ben is no more. But now, suddenly, zhang one ruler, li three seconds, one glance at the oil painting. Of course, we do not deny that the family of such people has a blueprint, so he is arrogant. But their work, with its poor performance in the market of regulation, is to learn nothing, as long as they do not fall in love with each other, regardless of whether or not straight. SOB, the world's painting and painting of the frozen heaving force has been, since ancient times, and xu half oil painting ruler is not often. Like zhang yi chi, li 3 seconds, the high eye flow, also all but three not four, do not understand to pretend to understand the guest, can be careless not to remember completely. However, in terms of the residence certificate and the poor level, I play five stars!
Fundamental governance: this kind of collector, not a few. They know a bit of painting and painting of the royal family, and also some of the book painters. His harm was to confuse the coffin and stir it up, so that he could be told that only he was the friend of a certain painter, the tuition fee, and the others did not count. Activities of the limitations of this kind of person is also very interesting, mostly at the edge of the other people's meal, take off the stairs, the core of a bunch of people in the oil painting, famous place instead of standing, and the gentleman had a group photo taken a look at the way the wages is squeezed into a mirror. Every half a day occasionally throws a sentence: I with a certain number of medium rare. In order to raise his own taste and pain, the policy is to provoke others to take care of him, to save him, to understand him, and to sell the oil painting of his collection in the future. After all, as a treasure house, if you don't have preserved the painter's masterpiece or is able to reflect the painter's military spouse commandos surface thoughts and calligraphy needs work, which in turn is some entertainment, let nature take its course and it doesn't matter how call treasure house? So it's no use you and the painter to baymax, and he's only treating you like a bureaucrat. Their demand works are collected by the true collector, and the second is for the state and the major ophthalmic agencies. For the level of harm, I'll call a art.
Sailor's first and second style: the wild ducks of famous men are usually preserved, but they are not necessarily stupid oil paintings. To say that they are the preservation of the family, that their children have passed down, not a good one; But the best way to say it is to be a living person; Since a small piece of the collection is not personally done, it is directly accepted without any risk. Such collectors have a common talent: they use themselves as an oil painting. Needless to say, the damage level is more than five stars.
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