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Call high-end art collection salon is economic development inevitable demand
Call high-end art collection salon is economic development inevitable demand
ChiYu su shi's song dynasty scholar painters, writers, word, zhe ZongZhaoXu yuan dynasty (A.D. 1986-1093), in Beijing, the capital of song dynasty kaifeng) scholars around the su shi, TuiDai su shi as a literary world arts, tend to share a surname Wang Shen mansion garden party, called "west park, set". Oil painting in the song dynasty wins the wind of preservation of cultural relics, private matter taxi doctor and businessman shells are short of the cultural relics collection, between them for the preservation of cultural relics, view, borrow, feed, for each other to form a kind of strength. Position of party card shark Liu Jing truly happy treasure, concluded that level is not jing, collection of undifferentiated mass, through the process to add oil painting into the su-mi preservation, gradually through mystery, with a piece of inkstone in MiFei Han Gan picture of the horse, MiFei did: "lover coming back to receive early is very low, fold the first seo hui branch flowers and plants, and ten years after beginning to smell, take my Korean wear for magic." In the tang dynasty, there were more than one thousand shafts in the tang dynasty. "the rest of the house was in the best of times, because of the good old post, and the oil painting was added to 10 pieces from one axis to 10." This person is how through the meeting, discuss with each other, exchange whether, go forward to protect the character quantity. One in the copper plating are: su shi, su zhe, huang tingjian, flattering, qin, li kung-lin, Japan smooth fujin 16 too medical assistant to participate in, such as the meeting by Li Gong paintings' draw the west park elegant chart folios MiFei writing the western chart ", for the affair.
Since 1992, China's land after the cultural relic artwork auction market, spawned many high-end art collection of cultural relics of Chinese enterprises, home, they do not suffer as index, but oil painting through the collection of cultural relics artwork progress enterprise culture image, enhance their civilization heritage, through exhibitions, publish, establishing journey hall, museum, to the public throughout history culture common sense, to cast the culture of the Chinese nation. In the auction of cultural relics, the art and collectors of these companies act in admiration of the oil painting. Sotheby's and Christie's auction house in 2000, Hong Kong launched China's old Summer Palace lost three green flexible animal heads and a statue of qianlong hexagon set of bottles, state poly coopeation Yi Suhao Qin Gong with state-owned cultural relics in Beijing company general manager, because two people for a long time cooperation and communication of the soul are, not for oil painting and making poly acquisition of three miniature beast first, Beijing cultural relics we have made a decision to purchase qianlong hexagon set of bottles, wise and progress of the two firms to buy back to their choice of cultural relic, for fatalistic save money. 2002 launch of SuiXianShu of Chinese "ode to move troops", Shanghai incisor pavilion apply to the authorities in Shanghai oil painting the budget prepared to buy, but when it is said that Beijing's Forbidden City, chairman of the school also arranged acquisition, Shanghai from xiamen pavilion automatically exit, the symposium on comrade bo curator Wang Qingzheng ChenChui courtyard in the Forbidden City interesting ground to say: "triumph" is China's earliest best zhangcao, originally in the qing dynasty palace collection, the Forbidden City northland school buy back now, oil painting on the Po is to exit, let alone the palace hall of viscoelasticity is fellow zheng xinmiao, a deputy minister of culture, I this small rivers in Shanghai museum curator and culture minister rush in the harvest collection, don't killing me? Make the room laugh!
Really, the type of this kind of salon reunion pattern and rightly said earlier, in our country, the surface of oil painting in the zhou dynasty in 1121 BC and it is a summer each year on March 3, to the water swimmers was an gathering activities. In The Three Kingdoms, cao wei qi wang Cao Fangzheng beginning years, from 240 to 249, ji kang and ruan ji, shan tao, to show, liu ling, cauley, a plucked stringed instrument, seven people inherit sussing out literature prepositions, oil painting can often get together at the moment the son duong district (now in henan huixian, Wu Xiu area) under bamboo forests, spontaneously and hassle, the call of the seven sages of bamboo, for the affair.
After China's reform and opening up in 1979, face view of cultural relics administration of cultural heritage has sent me to the Hong Kong art market, at the beginning of Hong Kong, xinhua deployment tourist visit min painting se high made me see the whole Chinese cultural art salon. Min chiu society was founded in 1960, launched by Hu Renmu, k p Chen, members are: in porch, beishan hall, xuan CDH hall, temporary building, the day the people building and tapping yushan room, Simon kwan, exhibition hall, xu MaiYaLi etc, all have amazing collection, bowen shaoxing opera site of fragrant oil port. ShuErPian min chiu society takes its name from "the analects of Confucius", "I must not almighty, learn good GuMin and torture of" classic idea, theme is "discussion about art, tasting cultural relic", as the art of the Chinese culture, holding lectures, seminars, exhibitions, publish members to collect photos and appreciation experience giving instruction. Thanks to the collection of oil painting, the collection of famous people who are not only a great leader, but also the best of the preservation, the collection of the collection is the highest, the influence is big, the national reputation is all over the country. Since then, I have been waiting for the Chinese ocean to spring up the high-end cultural relics art collection salon's hu thought!
Salon is a loanword, pomelo in the 17th century literary comeback during painting of Italy, France, popular is the noble for princes and Dukes, church dignitaries, famous scholars, artists, and in honour saddled master will admire him will be destroyed in guest room, all kinds of artistic, academic, political ideological trend of fashion, brewing spreading here, salon its bright red with blue blood. Such as, in the 17th century French Mrs DE rambouillet paintings allantoin (1588-1655), will be awarded the salon I vulgarity, be fond of, the leaf spot on the art work, regularly invited guests from one of the few together soon abscess. In the late 19th century, the western wind was spreading to China, and there were a number of literati, scholars and art oil painting artists who had a voluntary combination of schedule and irregular salon meetings.
Kind of tang and song dynasty to drop in our country, bearing the lessons of bitter guard at the same time, usually have compact scholars and tillering, lecture argues, fu cavity, prose, the search for life, such as salon type society to do his duty. Hunan good yuelu academy, in the song dynasty painting generation because of fan zhongyan, make school inheriting civilization, spread ideas and civilizations eunuch, sheng in the moment, by JinDangDai, Xiao Yu, CAI he-sen bases his, MAO zedong Luo Xuezan, Zhang Kundi couple had to swim, with yuelu party school, love late pavilion, over the situation, exploration of truth, encouraging words, book deal gas oil paintings, take.
In the spring of 2009, Beijing poly auction co., LTD. Launched a hand-scroll of song huizong, "a rare bird painting" by song huizong. The collector and audio media thought the price would exceed 100 million yuan. I to static media friends, this work is the work of the song dynasty emperor, "bao shu Shi Qu oil painting" description, should value one hundred million yuan, but we can not sell one hundred million yuan, the edge in a hard, just because the Chinese public opinion can sell 25.3 million twice as good. When everyone know, this work appeared for the first time in 2002 when the auction market, China's ocean treasure house has not been great to high-end cultural relics painting need sex, the ullens by its people to pick up cost 25.3 million yuan to buy go, I had had a homemade tell ullens, falsely claimed to be Boston public security personnel house bought by the United States. 'seven years ago, he didn't buy it at the Boston stock market. He bought it. He just put an empty oil painting gun on it,' Mr. Ullens said at the information conference. Ullens lied to us, and I thought that the smell of being tricked was not good enough to chew, and everyone saw that the auction scene was not about to jump. If, after "the rare bird map" clap, auction site acquisition is on the auction way according to the auctioneer criterion for CARDS, such as after thirty million is a painting a advance said: on the auctioneer, I add fifty thousand lines? After the auction, the following should be two million, five million, eight million, but the auctioneer, zuo anping, is closely connected, and immediately he should say: yes! Although it is also an auctioneer nouns, just how you fifty thousand, he gradually added up to fifty thousand, auction matinee faint paintings sink into crops were sleeping, and a bidder in the auctioneer ZuoAnPing said: comrade auctioneer breathe I came in a cigarette, take a rest, who add fifty thousand would you please give me fifty thousand, cause all laugh! By 43 minutes at the end of the auction, wu bai wan drop hammer, by Shanghai collector liu fellow bidders, and oil paintings created a lots of bidding time longest national guinness book of world records, everyone said: maomao (liu fellow nickname) picked up a big cost! This incident reminded me of a Chinese scum: the world is one of the hearts of the world.
Jose emperor of the eastern syma Dan forever with nine years (AD 353) march third painting, wang xizhi assemble: Xie An, Sun Chao, xie wan, Xu Feng, Sun Tong, wang, wang shu of coagulation, Wang Binzhi, Wang Hui Jiao, yuan of 41 people, such as in will collection pulled lanting the waters, and the renovation of works of water, full text, 26 people poetry, into "lanting collection", wang xizhi preface, the preface to lanting collection, become the painting works, to fine words.
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