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Outstanding works of art have a strong influence on Chinese painting and calligraphy market
Outstanding works of art have a strong influence on Chinese painting and calligraphy market
Look at the 2017 hurun art list "modern painting TOP 50". The total volume of the products was 31.27 billion yuan, an increase of about 15 percent from 2015 to 420 million yuan. The biggest bright spot in China's modern Chinese calligraphy market in 2016 is zhang daqian, in a way or in oil painting, that 2016 is the year of the social aggregate demand painting market. Will assume this calligraphy and painting collection, modern Chinese painting and calligraphy inhibitor over $2016 to $one hundred million sale has five parts, has accounted for 3 pieces, and chang chang in the TOP 50 list works up to 17, 39.5% of the part of modern painting and calligraphy painting. The total turnover of modern calligraphy and painting was 25.78 billion yuan, with zhang daqian's compensation of 10.51 billion yuan, accounting for 40.8 percent. The market's new tint and influence have to be taut. Thus, it may be seen that zhang's works have the popularity of Chinese and market in the sea watch, which is the eternal smile of Chinese painting and calligraphy.
The hurun art list is revealed every year, and the hands of the students look at the doorways. They are too conscientious to be responsible for it. Someone is waiting for someone to look out for it. Some people are happy, and others have sorrow.
The painting of the leader of the labor class painting was the first in the group, with a turnover of 820 million yuan. Zeng fanzhi, an oil painting, sculpture and ancient art leader, came in second, with a turnover of 143 million yuan. Choi's turnover was 5.7 times that of zeng fanzhi and 41.6 percent of the light yellow paint inspectors. The Chinese calligraphy and painting market, or more specifically, the painting and painting auction market in China has a strange situation, which is equal to the need of the samurai's works is not the same as the skin. If there are no more than four hundred million pieces of works in the ancient Chinese calligraphy market in 2016, the future of the ancient book and painting market will have to be reassessed. In the TOP 50 of today's book and painting, if there is a shortage of the $10.51 billion in oil painting, China's modern calligraphy and calligraphy will not match the painting and calligraphy of this world.
The 2017 hurun art list is an exclusive and summary of the Chinese art market in 2016. In this art list we see a lot of changes in the market. Looking at the ancient book and painting market, the market used "the oil painting trend, continue to rise" to paint. The total transaction volume of the 2017 hurun art list "TOP 50 of ancient calligraphy and painting" is about 2.81 billion yuan, up from 1.07 billion yuan in 2015, and the growth rate is as high as 61 percent. The top of the list was also reduced from 15.73 million yuan in 2015 to 22,430,000 in 2016. The TOP 50 flat turnover in 2016 was 5611 million yuan, which was more than that in 2015, which exceeded 5609 million yuan at the peak of the market in 2011. In 2016, there were four hundred million pieces of ancient painting and calligraphy, and only one in 2015. The total price of the four pieces of the oil painting is 30 percent of the total amount of the total amount of the total volume of the ancient books and paintings in 2016. The data of the hurun list are quoted, which is directly related to the appearance of four hundred million yuan pieces.
Will do so much about an idea, "living artists TOP 100" in Chinese painting and calligraphy, painting oil painting two water during the turnover of the wrong thing to ignore, is the amount of the Chinese painting and calligraphy is 1.15 billion yuan, painting, sculpture, and ancient art slightly damping, is 1.317 billion yuan. Obviously, the importance of alternative painting led manufacturers who exceeds the oil painting, if there is no amount on the location, history of Chinese painting in recent years to live the artist's market will select performance have a history of this art market.
Indeed the most eye-catching is that it issued 2017 hurun list of "alive artist TOP 100", live in the TOP 100 artists, on the word artist 50, painting, sculpture, and the ancient art of oil painting art 50, uniform velocity from the shortlisted for the agent number. In 2016, the sales volume of Chinese calligraphy and calligraphy camp was 1.97 billion yuan, and the sales volume of oil painting, sculpture and contemporary art were 1.46 billion yuan.
The report of the hurun living artist will be a conspicuous list of oil paintings, and there is a reward for the reward, which is the art market dome. In accordance with the "hurun list, living artists TOP 100" in the equal, choose in addition to painting, sculpture, and painting both of Chinese and western artists market data, listed in 2016 China's art market artist canvas TOP 50 ranking. In this list, the big fat is the artist who has been familiar with the modern word painting market for more than ten years. Although ranking catalog sequence differences, but they have a point: together is at least a dozen years, their works continuously in the differences between the international and foreign large-scale PouXiXing auction oil paintings, dozens of each year, there were at least hundreds of years work at auction clinchs a deal. As usual in the list, I see at least a dozen completely unfamiliar faces, assuming that the "new value" of the meteoric rise, so this kind of artist in the top 50 accounted for about 25% of proportion. I'm not a painting of this artist erudition, calligraphy and painting for this market is very unfamiliar to people, but also experience and included in the farewell old artist to enter the market's sphere, but I'm still feel that much unknown artist almost overnight the marketability the rear of the masters in the art market, seem so high, has a lot of pushing, painting foreign to taste.
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