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How to Buy
How to Buy Art Reproductions - It is so easy to buy painting !!!

Here have more than 200000 oil painting artworks of the famous artists,you can get any artwork of your favorite artists ,it is so easy to buy.We used the advanced SSL encryption service on our website,Our Buyer Protection covers your purchase from click to delivery.
If you find a few favorite paintings which not been listed in our Categories, and you wish to turn it into the oil paintings, please send us the pictures to our mail: order@buy-painting.com ,and tell us the size and etc. If you need the other size for the paintings which listed in our Categories, please tell us too.

1, Browse the artwork

1, The easiest and most direct way, you can enter the name of your favorite artists,or enter the name of the artwork in the “search box”. Please Look at the legend on the right. We recommend using this method.  
For example,when you enter the artist’s Name “Pierre-Auguste Renoir” and click search button  to search, you can see the all of the artwork by the artist named "Pierre-Auguste Renoir" and the relevant artwork for him by other artists.


2, The Second method,Search your favorite artwork from our art Categories.
You can search by
Top 35 Artists on Navigation bar, or Styles by Artists  ,or Famous Artists from Categories on the lift side,here have the detailed categories available for you to browse,
it is also so easy.


or  ---------------------------------------------

2, Add to Cart

When you find one painting,you can select the size, then click the “ Add to Cart ” , you can see the paintings in your shopping cart on the upper right corner of any page. you can check and modify the quantity and etc in your shopping cart at any time.
3, Proceed to Checkout

You can click the “ Proceed to Checkout ” at the bottom of your Shopping Cart .
4, Sign in

If you are our new customer,you can click the ‘ Join Free ’ button to create your account, If you have our old customer,you can put your mail and password,then click the “ Sign in ” button.
5, Place the order

You need to enter your detailed shipping informations such as your full name,shipping address, phone number and etc. Then click the “ Use This Shipping Address ” button to confirm the address, you can modify the correct address at any time.
You can enter special note in the “remark box”. Then select your favorite Shipping Method and Payment Method,when you confirm it,you can click the “ Place Your Order ”button.
You can visit the more informations for Payment Method,Shipping Method,Delivery Time,Package and etc .
6, Check the order status

You can check your order status in your account on the top left corner of any page. We will tell you tracking number,so that you can check shipping process for your order.

More questions,feel free contact with us.

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