• A Woman Reading, 1869-1870
  • A Woman Reading, 1869-1870

A Woman Reading, 1869-1870

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Artist Introduce:
Corot (Jean Baptiste Camille Corot, 1796 ~ 1875), French realism landscape and portrait painter. Bell was born in Paris, at an early age from classical painter, because of the excellent academic award, to study in Rome, where he lived for 78 years. Back home in Fontainebleau, near the bobby matsumura drew many scenic forest.
His eagerness, optimistic open-minded, tireless dedication. He close to the natural and not copying nature. His love of painting that is now gansu gansu evening and the morning like the fibrillation of forest, the composed of water, the pearl and the silver sky... Pen is loose and be full of charm, the actual phase and see the reason. His dream and the reality and unique poetic flavour is meaningless. In the history of landscape painting, he is immortal monument. In addition, he also shows a lot of plain portraits of inner beauty, also have a decorous temperament.
Person's life
Starting from the age of 26 not formally engaged in painting koro, main natural imitation, he loves the nature, have a trip to Italy three times. Has been to the Netherlands, Switzerland, the United States, as for has traveled in France. Until a year before he died, the 77 - year - old painter insists to bloomberg, arras, sans, the purpose is to browse the scenery, appreciate the secrets of nature, and in the natural light painting ceaseless. Because of his deep emotion to observe, to nature and body odor seriously. As a result, his landscape painting is simple without central China contains a thick poetic flavour. His landscape painting not exaggerated, ShiYanLi no colour, a large proportion of the description is tonal downy early in the morning or in the evening, sometimes the picture is shrouded in smoke haze, the hushed, beautiful feeling like a dream. Some landscape also added some of the characters in the myths or legends, added vigor for the picture. In a landscape of all is the master French landscapes in the middle of the 19th century. Is to make the history of France from the traditional landscape painting to realism is the representative figure of scenery.
Art features editor
From the '40 s, especially after 1850, figure painting became a painter concerned subjects, his figure painting features of both the classical and romantic, soft and fine brushwork and washs practice, no matter the images of women is to smile, or meditation, and even slightly depressed, their thought is pure, he is a kind of, in spite of his figure painting not as prominent as a landscape, but some works such as "girl with a pearl tire" popular for the audience, especially the blue dress female, not its elegant under specializing in figure painting artist. This kind of painting in the 20th century, is a high degree of evaluation.
Girl with a pearl headdress
Koro works ", ernie the bridge over the river ", "Roman countryside" is on display in salon in 1927, after nearly 30 years, almost every time involve his work in the salon, strangely enough for his work, almost no one to praise or blame, until 1855, the French emperor napoleon iii bought his memories of the first west, just like a pearl of brushed the dust, suddenly flashing dazzling light in painting, since not only art dealer, customers, and work over and over again is the official acquired, prices have also soared. "Lagarde lake" sold for 800 francs, 20 years later, the market value of 231000 francs.
Distinct personality active, many friends, often with him a painter to paint dolby, held before her death still remember says "in heaven is going to see my friend koro." He has a kind heart, help others, even in the early years had to accept the parents' economic support, funding is often more difficult, sometimes willing to borrow. After day rich, he is not troubled friend, he is a famous "good uncle" beginning.
Appear at the time the art world with advanced thoughts between genre and conservative academic
landscape works
Struggle, generally the koro nowhere, excited for some of the contemporary political events, he is mostly away, when the uprising of the proletariat, in March 1871, Paris has put more than his calm easel, painting he left Paris to travel. Though koro commune period is the reputation of artists association member, also support courbet, the chairman of this work, but in general just a bystander. In all the arts, critics say, his landscape painting as the silver grey tone, more strictly speaking a single, and have the same feeling, some memories landscapes, is according to the sketch of the time he returned to the studio of reprocessing is, some due to be apart for a long time, it is difficult to keep the scene feeling, can't affect their charm.
To become a painter
A year, given the daughter's sudden death, had hoped that son to inherit his own career,
Not only to see all ready to call for his business is not interested in the money 100000 francs, six years of time, also did not produce his management ability. Koro still want to become a painter. He no longer insist on your requirements, therefore, agree with his son's choice, all to his daughter subsidies every year will ever to the koro. Due to solved the trouble back at home of life, koro intently into his beloved career from now on. Although the official debut of time is a bit late, but this realm, or many painters are incomparable. Ecstatic koro, immediately to the landscape painter of the same age with yourself Sharon there hill, Mr Toner, m, o to him as a disciple. Started under the guidance of m Sharon, draw sketch landscape, according to the requirements will see scene, all carefully, according to all that is the teacher only to give him advice. Only a few months later, m Sharon died suddenly. So he went to Sharon teacher jean victor door bell temple. This year, he built the house, and had his own studio. 1825, distinct from the two new classical landscape painter, in order to accept the education of traditional paintings, he went to Italy, is said to be home until 1828 members agree to his travel conditions for home draw portraits, after completing the task, just have to start. After arrive in Rome, he stayed with the Spanish square nearby, mourn stronghold, to travel all over Italy. Studying three years later, in 1828 September back to Paris. By his two debut ", ernie the bridge over the river "" Roman rural" salon exhibition in Paris. From 1829 to 1830, all in Fontainebleau, Normandy, creative. The bourgeois revolution broke out in July, he left Paris and painting to Saudi son, Normandy. Famous "the Saudi son cathedral" is the work. In 1831, in Brittany, morvan painting. Sharon exhibited his work this year forest of Fontainebleau. "La cher navarre," and so on four pieces. In 1833, on display in salon, the Fontainebleau woods shoals "won the second prize, the prize to the koro with great motivation, but also makes the pushy father happy, too. In 1834, his "in Italy the earth", "the seaside scenery" and so on three pieces of works exhibited in salon. As a result of the 1833 award, part two trip to Italy, well recognised by the parents. In Italy, he was not to learn the techniques of art masters, there is no copy works, but traveled with milan, Venice, Florence and other places, to nature, sketch directly. The master remained single all his life, he said: "I love in my life never forgets nature." He also said: do not imitate others, according to his will, to the nature.

  • A Woman Reading, 1869-1870
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