• Don Quixote and Sancho Panza (1868)
  • Don Quixote and Sancho Panza (1868)

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza (1868)

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Artist Introduce:
Honoré Daumier (February 26, 1808 - February 10, 1879) is a famous French painter, satire cartoonist, sculptors, and print. Was the most prolific artists, is also one of the greatest 19th century realism in France caricature master.
Chinese name , the ray rice Mr Foreign names Honoré Daumier the birthplace of France Marseille, date of birth on February 26, 1808 job painter Representative works "third-class carriage", "washerwoman with children" long Cartoons, sculpture, printmaking male
Personal life
Honoré Daumier (1808-1808) is the most great 19 th-century French realism master of caricature. He was born in marseille, a literary accomplishment glassmakers family, the family moved to Paris at the age of 6, due to the poor, Mr Du m young when he make a living, a former page, the shop assistant, which he knew officialdom filth and folk sufferings, democracy and justice. Du meter from the French royal museum curator at the age of 20, painter
Nie nuba study painting, then, learning, also the tablets at the amateur painter lamy listed print art study. He first engaged in the engraving, with sharp artistic language irony and exposing the darkness of the society, his massive satire can be called "declining class collective image of the dictionary. 40 m Mr Du has started painting oil painting, his paintings are still like caricature, modelling is not like, only pay attention to color piece and form of "god" shaw. He often with brown and pink for fundamental key, select themes from the literature and life, to the art of critical look at what they create the image, he said, "want to be a man of his age". Rice's art career has always been associated with French realism, he used the combination of realism and romanticism art language, shaping its own unique artistic image. For truth and justice, bumpy, his life had been in prison, fines, work has been destroyed, it is difficult to make a living. Dedicated to the revolution, the Paris commune was selected as the artist association executive committee. Napoleon iii as a fact, had granted him "medal of honour" and was refused, he is always an unyielding struggle for justice life of great master of realism. [1]
Since 1825, specializing in painting, at first, but creating lithographs, comics and carving, caricature and creation.
In 1832 because of king Louis philippe comic Gao Kang big and six months in prison, released in 1833, continued to work against the art and the social system, and depicts all kinds of the underlying character.
Lyon workers failed uprising in 1834, Mr Du m published "legislation belly", "freedom of the press", "tang snow south street killing" and so on large-scale lithographs, ruler of protest.
Du m in 1848 to research new techniques, incline to impressionist art, his works get famous impressionist painters such as monet and manet, barr zach praised his work "Michelangelo's essence".
In 1871 he took part in the uprising of the Paris commune.
In 1877, the art dealer, duran ruhr, for his work in the exhibition held in Paris, but he almost blind in both eyes already at this moment, live in som province town anwar moundou tile (Valmondois), by the corot is responsible for his life and things, the following year, died at home.
Works on behalf
Honoré Daumier's early works, almost all published in the journal irony, against government corruption and the law is not sound, satirical magazine publication after his prison, Mr Du m again published in journal of noise to continue his satire. People have produced July dynasty politics
Honoré Daumier works - three lawyers of conversation
Content of small clay sculpture bust, on DiaoSuShi also occupies an important position.
Except caricature, Honoré Daumier works in 1904 estimated that 1904 lithographs, he never go along with the market of oil painting, just according to their own intend to paint, brush strokes bold powerful, highly original, depicting the third-class carriage, washerwoman wearily up stairs, small hotel drinkers of the lower people's ordinary life, and draw some historical painting, depicting the French revolution and the irony of the monarch of dictatorship. His style is become the pioneer of naturalism school. He has created many series, such as knowledge Don Quixote has 29 49 sketch painting. In 1900, the French academy of fine arts held exhibitions for his work. Important museums around the world to save his work, including the Louvre museum, the metropolitan museum of art, etc., Paris grand mercure art fund such private collection agencies also boasts, the ray rice Emmanuel (Honoré Daumier) are proud of the work. But Mr Ray rice because he works most museums or private collections, rare in circulation work and high value. It is understood that in the not long ago, in a Paris auction, the ray du meter, Mr Honoré Daumier's a picture of a small size oil painting was taken out of the 3 million euro.
This is called the Venetian nobleman's painting art fund is one of the most important art collections in Paris grand mercure Mr Du MIDI Emmanuel is one of the important work.
The nobles of Venice
For this painting, the ray du meter's consistent style, bold strokes, with a high degree of originality, the irony has a certain effect and political significance. Venetian nobleman, whether in politics, as the ruling class, in the economy as a means of production and the owner of wealth, and social life, as a special group in the upper society, in the early Renaissance Venice occupies an important position in the social structure. And this picture the nobility of Venice is reflected, the ray rice for a class of highly ironic.
Social evaluation of the editor
Honoré Daumier's oil painting with ordinary workers and busker's life and his love of literature as his subject, using the strong contrast, elegant lines, to highlight the character image, bold and vigorous, full of originality.
French poet Charles baudelaire has said he is: "one of the most important character, is not only his caricature, and
Mr Ray rice Mr Collection
Collection, the ray rice Egypt
Including the modern style of his works ".
Work significance to edit
Honoré Daumier's political and historical caricature politicians and thought important middle class. In he used three kinds of media, Mr Du m all through the characters facial expressions and gestures to express character. He created in the comic book to convey the meaning of small people with full of power and grimace. "Rebellion", "second class" and other paintings in the form of a simple blocks of color piece and grand.

  • Don Quixote and Sancho Panza (1868)
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