• The Parasol, 1777
  • The Parasol, 1777

The Parasol, 1777

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Artist Introduce :
Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes - Lucian winters (Spanish: Francisco Jose DE Goya y Lucientes, March 30, 1746 - April 15, 1828), Spanish romantic painting artist. Painting style singular changeable, from the early baroque style similar to late expressionism, his life always in change, although he never set up its own branches, but for the later generations of the realism painting, romantic painting and impressionism has great influence, is a transitional figure of continuity. Including naked mahath, the garment mahath, "umbrella" and "giants", etc.
Francisco Jose DE Goya y Lucientes countries was born in Spain Zaragoza, Spain on March 30, 1746, died of date of birth date as April 15, 1828 Spanish romantic painting artist Representative works "naked desnuda", "a garment desnuda" "umbrella" "giant" "girls" a Charlie iv "and other gender male
Was born on March 30, 1746 in zaragoza, near the city of fu ents todor village. Father is a poor gilded altar artisans, crumbling aristocratic mother was born.
Goya in 1760 with his parents moved to zaragoza, Hector azin Taoist school and sent for further education
On the night of May 3 1808 killed insurgents
On the night of May 3 1808 killed insurgents
Learning. Zaragoza is a folkway, full of struggle, traditional style of the city. Local conditions and customs, folk customs gave Goya here with great influence, formed his strong unyielding temperament.
In 1763, Goya to take refuge in Madrid court painter by fellow brother Francis, and jeush, and achieved a SAN fernando twice the Royal Academy of fine arts, have not been accepted. (the other said no scholarship and forget about it)
Travel to Italy in 1769, took part in parma academy of fine arts of painting competition and won second prize.
In 1770, Goya in Delhi, Mr. Bilal church of our lady and near zaragoza Carl Jim cult of Columbus, a monk YuanHua DE, the number of religious painting.
Settled back to Madrid and married again in 1773, his wife is friends painter Francisco, according to wu's sister also ortega method.
By 1776 according to the introduction, also from Anton rafael door, Goya accepted for real Santa Barbara drawing mill first talk orchid carpet design task.
Is met by king Charles ii in 1779.
In 1780 he was elected to the Royal Academy of fine arts in SAN fernando.
In 1784 due to a picture, although st, nagin, Sean, in ali department, aragorn taught before painting, impress the official praise for the first time.
Goya, 1785 in the official has certain status, in the SAN fernando ren, vice President of the Royal Academy of fine arts.
In 1876, President of the royal weaving art foreman of the factory.
In 1786 was awarded as court painter.
1792 Goya very ill, loss of hearing.
In 1803, king Charles iv accepted Goya's tribute "rhapsody". And to give his only son went
Sent a pension and Goya can protect themselves against religious persecution from the referee.
Spain captured by napoleon's army in 1808, he created a group of passionate and vivid expression of tragic works.
Goya, 1824 in the center of the Spanish free expatriates French bordeaux city spent the last four years.
April 16, 1828, at the age of 82.
Person's life editor
Goya was born in Spain northeast of the capital of aragon village near zaragoza, father is a farmer, born in a poor family, had no formal education, a priest, at the age of 14
Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes, Lucian
Found his talents, encourage his father sent him to zaragoza, with jose LuZan, Iraq, paolo maldini, painting, 4 years, to take refuge in Madrid in 1763 countrymen court painter Francisco, according to wu, also achieved a SAN fernando twice the Royal Academy of fine arts, have not been accepted.
Goya, 1769 with a team of the matador at the time to travel to Italy, took part in parma academy of fine arts of painting competition and won second prize. Since then, he took lessons in a Naples painting painter jose LuZan, Iraq, omar nunez. Until around 1770, Goya in Delhi, Mr. Bilal church of our lady and near zaragoza Carl Jim cult of Columbus, a monk YuanHua DE, the number of religious painting. In his paintings l771 to 1772 those paintings show that he has quite a good grasp of the baroque tradition, and also shows his interest in large pieces of light and dark style. We can also feel the influence of Goya works and outstanding performance. (e.g., in 1770 "Christ martyrdom") but no one can forecast the future of Goya with these things.
Settle back to Madrid and married again in 1773. Also the wife is friends painter Francisco, according to wu's sister ortega method. It is for him in accordance with the care, Goya's life have changed. Through, according to wu Goya also from receive the mill for the royal Santa Barbara to spring, drawing the first talk orchid carpet design task. The sketch significantly affected by classical style at palace guidance. Then he can be in and out of the court, his research committee of pull and open work, will work of imperial collection of the committee, pull open FanKe into eclipse prints, form their own style, he once claims to have three teacher: velazquez and open, Rembrandt and natural.
Draw cambric orchid carpet drawings, the future road of the art of Goya play a very important role. This pattern or picture does not need to like painting must have the kind of academic integrity, this makes the young Goya is more forthright and sincere to show their fantasy. In addition to this, although must accept the guidance of the spring, but as cambric orchid the subject matter is stipulated in the carpet with the characteristics of folk and from contemporary life; Goya, therefore, have to play their great opportunity from the fantasy.
In 1778 "pottery market" quite clearly shows the chief virtues of the art of Goya
A garment of mahath
. Clear of drawing performance, character and background of the perfect amalgamation, the composition of seemingly chaotic richness, for each added tender breath as if at random characters of flexible pen, make every woman like a lady dignity, make each piece of pottery chardin's still life in the 18th century the common interest of the elegant style - all of which are created by Bradford Goya, although is not out of Europe, appoint lars katz, Venice and French extremely fine tradition. However, in this painting, already feel Goya's unique and unparalleled scale: see in the picture a confident, decisive, the existence of an unexpected things; Every character is vivid and touching, but also is each has his strong point. Goya affectionate love he depicted people, but also has a disdainful smile. He made a fairy tale, and put it into the form of poetry.
In 1780 because of its paintings "passion figure was hired as SAN fernando MeiShuYuan royal member, become the vice President of the 1785, 1789, the king appointed him as court painter, during which he painted many portraits of members of the court and aristocracy, significantly influenced by velazquez people open this drawing style, Spain is a country of religious regulations is tough at that time, banned naked, he dares to draw the naked mahath (mahath is Spanish" girl "), due to be informers, want to check the next day, night after night he painted the garment mahath, become a legend, in the 1980 s Spain will stamp printed naked mahath, become a hot collection stamp world.
The duchess of alba
In 1792 for deafness, relinquish MeiShuYuan began writing corrosion with color prints, irony in genre painting way church and state, completed in 1803 created the engraving paintings "rhapsody", through a variety of bizarre characters represent for satire.
In 1799 he was appointed chief court painter, 1800 king Juan carlos iv let him for his family portraits, he will be a group portrait painted not perceived by the king, even admired, but later generations according to its posture expression, can enjoy"
Saturnian swallowed his son
Has just won the lottery prize of the grocer and his family ".
After napoleon's invasion of Spain in 1808, he wrote in 1814 "on May 2, 1808 (uprising)" and "(shot) on May 3, 1808 two oil paintings, coloring vitriolic, against its previous harmonious colors. Later have painted many about the war, the theme of death, disease, his paintings "SaTan devour their children" is a nightmare, depicts SaTan in Greek mythology in order to prevent their children compete for a god, children eat, scene SaTan similar to the devil, but painted graphically in an adult.
In 1824, he resigned as court painter, his wife had died, and his old age alone, alone in the French bordeaux recuperate, until the final years is still in painting, still created the bordeaux sell milk girl image. He finally died in bordeaux, remains to Spain in 1900, and was buried in Madrid on the outskirts of SAN Antonio DE la Florida church, the church of the murals are his creation.
Italian art historian venturi evaluation of him: "he is an ideal aspect and skill in all broke the tradition of the 18th century painters and the creator of new traditions...... just like the ancient Greek and Roman poetry begins with Homer, modern painting begins with Goya."
Many of his works to collect the prado museum in Madrid.
Work style
46, Goya became deaf. Not serious tinnitus, Beethoven did not British artist rinaldo half deaf, but total deafness dead silence. Noisy Madrid, flowing in front of him is silent, the crowd moving. Noble women at the party, flashing clothing, shaking the figure, a combined throughput of lips, swallowing wine, chew on food, gigantic sarcasm, toothy laughter, facial expression, drunk a fresh, full of passion of dance. He can no longer rely on words to understand the world - he only deeply
Watching these floating bouncing images, sharp eyes with his talent.
Goya deaf, noble women in Spain is still very popular. He was a court painter, nobles find his portrait almost overwhelmed him. Women especially like him. In their eyes, Goya, is a painter, is half man - a wayward ethos is inherent in Spain, half because queen Mary luisa semi-public many minion, the emperor Charles iv doesn't mind. Noble marriage is the product of power league, on this side of the strong feelings openly. Had the example of two royal highness, the associations of society which can produce many love affairs.
Goya's status, as well as marriage brings his - his brother-in-law architects, thanks to Mr Is academy of sciences, is also the king's chief painter. Goya, 20 years without earning Madrid's Royal Academy of arts, painting to Italy. In parma picked up a painting competition award, and returning to Spain to worship the painting. 29 years old, Goya and Josephine's marriage. Faith, architects, worship, Egypt is classical, perusal WenDeMan art history. He thought so often criticized Goya Goya's talents, and seems to be a lack of control. He led Goya to Madrid, however, do he scored for the royal tapestry design contract. Thanks to Mr Died that year, Goya painted like for him. The picture does not reflect how much honor and achievement, but a brow is not fair, worried ordinary people.
Goya, conducted for the palace murals series, although the imitation of the rococo style, perhaps this is the request of the queen, from Italy Mary luisa look down upon the French, but his clothes, and went to Paris every year large orders ointment, adornment. The characters in the picture model is a woman of noble men and women wore civilian (camp) and civilian men (about) clothes, musical games, although everything without affectation, Goya's own style also possessed reveal hilf. Kenny clark points out that the expression of strong characters do laugh and puppets as stiff movements, pure Spanish gloomy scenery, are all fantasy painting in the future.
Madrid about (majo), mahath (maja) similar to the hooligan of Beijing. They are proud of speaking pure language, luxuriant, Steele, proud of dressed well and art, proud to be part of the old Spanish. Their Spanish, strong perseverance, bloodthirsty and pride. People like violent entertainment, not only the man must be brave, women are also very macho. Goya in Madrid when he was young, there are four years do about dress. Shorts, obi, cape, can almost cover face along the wide hat, socks don't with knife. He was a she in his bones. His pictures of these nobles dressed as civilians, morphology, action, emotional response, all false.
In a painting, ladies girl throw a scarecrow dressed as civilians, scarecrow soft body, "the girls" in the clouds. Performance of happiness, not the real thing. Goya impressive grasp of false and empty, almost unconsciously penetration to the canvas. False, it is something beyond his ability, but women graceful posture, ruddy face, lightsome movement, also to please the audience.
The duchess of alba is Spanish beauty, is probably Spain's most wayward women. She openly and Goya to civilian areas in the pub, the theatre, have a meal, she also to Goya's studio and his tryst. Her husband is branca marquis, Florida after marriage with his wife's title as the duchess of alba. The duke effeminate, weaker body, but he died suddenly or aroused whispering in Madrid. Rumors say it's one of the duchess's lover, hand under a medical doctor.
Goya give alba formal portrait, always appear diaphragm. Although tonal tidy and brilliant flows, personality is not revealed. Perfect skills, model perfect instead become the barrier. Pointing to a picture of a woman's hand clearly Goya's signature on the ground, it seems to confirm the link between two people.
Goya and the duchess of conflict, according to the writer, is the call of the duchess of Goya, tend to be Goya at the time of the king and queen have errands - not with the queen, just lust Goya difficult si, the duchess of soul all to him. Excuse his at fabricating daughter was sick, not to think of myself as a court painter in the future, excuse slip away, go for an appointment. And Goya daughter were sick died, Goya was in pain, considered a punishment for themselves. Around the duchess of hot and cold to him, and there are other young talent, more make Goya mood such as a roller coaster, not yourself. The duchess's face, is the true face of Goya saw: "is her beautiful, proud, very hypocritical, very naive and very lewd true colors of the face, is the embodiment of pleasure, temptation, and hypocrisy."
Goya identity affect his, velazquez, Rembrandt, and nature. Rembrandt created drypoint almost all skills, Rembrandt etching is fine, Goya is make full use of the single color can create a movement, mood and atmosphere.
Prevalent in medieval crazy and fool, was also the subject of another Goya painting. Obviously, this is outside of the theocratic "territory", is also a relatively liberal art field. Heresy court rules can not be naked, also can not draw the virgin in the foot. The performance of madness under the guise of insane asylum, can elaborate naked. Bossi, the gale's face ugly fool, also through the ins and outs of the picture show their behaviour, highlight the lack of fools intellectually, but Goya's crazy people as robust physique like a classical stone carving, and SAP up, full of life, their songs or, more like crazy imposed from outside their circumstances, one can only such a fate. Foucault said in "madness and civilization", the 18 th-century mad people become very bad situation. Hundreds of years earlier, the European crazy people sometimes treated as mysterious prophet, some dark mouthpiece of wisdom. Crazy people with leprosy patients were herded into the hospital, put on the chain, and put on the tights, bleeding, medication, in order to make them return to normal. Although Goya is what kind of mood, driving the painting has not test but suppress, shackles, walls, the fight and the madman's complacent and self-sufficiency, a tragic situation, and the unknowable mystery and tight combination, in the picture to the audience a kind of highly concentrated, the complicated impact of intense conflicts.
In 1814, napoleon was defeated, the Spanish back Ferdinand vii's hands. Not looking for a new king Goya's trouble, but hope Goya painting a picture of performance Bonaparte dynasty kept the spaniards conquered in 1808. Goya drew two successively. The first composition with traces of Rubens: the picture on the murderers - dark skin in Egypt mamou detain a guest mercenaries are slaves to the audience, collapsed in the body is his hands she posture, commonly used in print and have Spanish youth to cavalry from immediately dragged down the mountain. Goya is not satisfied with the picture, however, then drew the second picture again, is May 3.
No painting, painting history again that can clearly and directly power the crackdown on civilians, not around a circle, don't tell a story, not a stance. Perhaps it is the picture, let many people begin to like Goya.
Contrast the 3rd May, and on May 2, can see Goya in the abandoned a story in a picture, a history painting. All the simplified character costumes, ethnic characteristics, according to the composition of demand to arrange. Also to the time background and context, dark all spiritual elements together, is divided into two opposing camps.
The army and soldiers, formed in neat formation. Berets, uniforms, bags, boots, bayonets and guns, unified in the abstract, resolute, orderly form. Direct light from the lantern on the ground on the victim's white shirt, form the line of sight of the strongest centre. The dead and dying people form the other party, or faint in the ground, such as shape, and the meat of life; Hide your face can't deal with the fear of the last, or only arm this final physical reaction. The powerful person in neat formation and the irregular forms of the weak contrast, through visual pattern to enhance two Fang Jiang weak contrast, in ancient Egypt and Babylon has a similar example in relief. However, the leading role of the 3rd May, people were killed. Their suffering form an irrevocable charges. Is a momentary, and eternal. Not surpassed painting art effect, make contemporary posters often unavoidable for it to do design stuff.
Perhaps because of deafness, Goya particularly sensitive to the mouth. He is similar to painting figures in the mouth. A painting of the mouth, such as the mysterious quiet caves, sip, sarcasm, moans, query, howl, content agnostic, present a new interpretation of emotional expression version instead. Goya, called the house of his own "deaf" lives in seclusion, he drew pictures of more than 20 mural on the wall, known as "black paint".
Goya to settle in bordeaux in 1824, four years after his death. In the 19th century onwards, a lot of painter influenced by Goya, such as rice, manet, Picasso. They absorb nutrients from Goya for a reason. Europe, especially in Paris, traditional painting too much, they need to borrow Goya brute force to break through, they need the rough and wild, male to frightened gentle middle classes. Goya's power, however, is not to be instrumentalized, its simple and powerful, but stubbornly live in the center of the graphic expression, refused to be alienation into the category of ideology. Last years he left some sketch, the human body, action is always the most can cause his interest, and he is full of emotional turmoil of the mind and body, also slowly quiet down.

  • The Parasol, 1777
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