• Oberon, Titania and Puck with Fairies Dancing (1786)
  • Oberon, Titania and Puck with Fairies Dancing (1786)

Oberon, Titania and Puck with Fairies Dancing (1786)

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Artist Introduce :
William Blake (William Blake), the first important romantic poet, print, one of the important of the great poets in the history of English literature, a devout Christian. Main poems poems "song of innocence", "the song of experience" and so on. Middle and later periods of the early work is concise and lively, work towards the mysterious deep, full of mystery. Lived alone with his wife in his life, painting and engraving of reward in the creation of the live a simple quiet life. Later poet Yeats et rewoven to his poetry, it was surprised by his piety and profound. Followed by his letters and notes published in succession, his revelation of great paintings also gradually by the cognition, the poets and painters in the art world of the lofty status from now on black entrenched.
William Blake countries Britain's birthplace London's date of birth date of November 28, 1757, died on August 12, 1827 job poets, painters letter back main achievements of Christianity
The important one of great poets in the history of English literature Representative works "song of innocence", "the song of experience", "clean chimney young", "song of a nanny", "the sick rose"
Person's life
William Blake was born in 1757 in a poor London hosier family, not formal
The first book of poems, Poetical Sketches
Education. After 14 years of age when engraving apprentice, into the royal college of art study fine arts in 1779, married in 1782. Soon after, published his first book of poems - black Poetical Sketches.
In 1784, after his father's death, black start to cooperate with famous publisher Joseph Johnson. In Johnson's partners include the British many good characters, such as: Joseph Presley, Mary walter stone craft and Thomas paine, and so on. With Mary black stone kraft soon became friends, and were invited to the illustrations for their work. 1788 years later, he has published four books of poetry.
Beginning in 1825, a black disease, then he is determined to in the limited time before die, finish work for Dante divina commedia illustrations. But until die, he also failed to finish a huge task, but it still has a lot of famous paintings handed down.
In the early years
William Blake was born in London, a men's clothing operator family, due to the unique personality, don't like the atmosphere of the doctrine of the orthodox school refused admission, and therefore had no formal education. He grew up like painting and poetry. At the age of 10 to painting school for three years and showed remarkable artistic talent. His father wanted him further study from a famous painter, but considering the future of the family burden and sibling William and take the initiative to give up this chance, engraving printing workshop as an apprentice. He 14 years old when the engraving builders Basel's apprentice, learn with him for seven years. He has been sent to Westminster Abbey tombstone carving.
The signature
Though born humble, there is no received a good education, but it doesn't contain William Blake special talent development. He read widely, even involve Locke and blog philosophical works, early have a deep understanding to the world. Blake, 22, 1779 - year - old teacher, his apprenticeship as a free artisans, when an engraver to earn a living. Later, he chose to study at the Royal Academy of fine arts, realizes own painter dream.
25 years old, he with the gardener's daughter married Catherine boucher, teach his wife to read and write, so she help her work. The young couple with the unique way of combing calligraphy with painting, hand in hand, has published a book called "song of innocence" art of poetry. From beginning to end all they themselves: black on the copper plate engraved on his poetry and painting, Catherine is responsible for stamping, coloring and binding. Couple efforts, however, does not change recognition and money at the time, although only a book to sell a few shillings, they continue to sell very slow (today, copies of the book can literally sell for thousands of dollars).
In addition to his wife, and also in black teach his brother Robert, drawing, painting, sculpture. The winter of 1787, Robert ill died. Robert's death, grief black see his brother's soul rise and rise through the roof, "joy". He believed that the soul of Robert will continue to see him, in a dream, Robert tell black printing method -- in a piece of copper plate
Jacobs ladder
Etching on poetry and illustrations. Black most of the paintings are etchings, he also created a unique way to write poetry and painting illustration on copper plate, and then use the COINS into the page, then color. Blake's poetry and painting are inseparable. Poetry is often he carved from a part of the page, both interactions.
Though poor, black still insist to do his work of publisher, rather than being signed. In terms of artistic creation, the personality of poet always adhere to the use watercolor and egg color, rather than for a long time in the art medium oil paintings of authority. At that time, the head of the Royal Academy of fine arts, famous portrait painting master does not appreciate the black Joshua Reynolds, he believes in the picture black injected with too many "subjective feelings and fantasy elements". This famous art university, at that time young William Blake did not get the attention they deserve.

  • Oberon, Titania and Puck with Fairies Dancing (1786)
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