William Blake (William Blake), the first important romantic poet, print, one of the important of the great poets in the history of English literature, a devout Christian. Main poems poems "song of innocence", "the song of experience" and so on. Middle and later periods of the early work is concise and lively, work towards the mysterious deep, full of mystery. Lived alone with his wife in his life, painting and engraving of reward in the creation of the live a simple quiet life. Later poet Yeats et rewoven to his poetry, it was surprised by his piety and profound. Followed by his letters and notes published in succession, his revelation of great paintings also gradually by the cognition, the poets and painters in the art world of the lofty status from now on black entrenched.
William Blake countries Britain's birthplace London's date of birth date of November 28, 1757, died on August 12, 1827 job poets, painters letter back main achievements of Christianity.