Henri Harpignies (June 28, 1819 - August 28, 1916) is the barbizon school of French landscape painter.
He was born in valenciennes. His relatives _him_ intended for business career pursuit, for his determination to be an artist is so strong, it is conquered all obstacles, he was allowed to enter JiEnSha in Paris at the age of 27, workshop. From the painter, he had mastered the voice of the constructive drawings, chief is so significant characteristics to the son's landscape painting. According to the strict teacher, two years after he went to Italy, where he comes from back in 1850
In the next few years, he set contain few dedicated to the landscape, and fell in love with koro and barbizon - other masters, the principles and methods, to a certain extent the upper his personal art now. For all he was warm friendship ties of unity and two artists went to Italy in 1860
On his return, he scored his first great success in the salon in 1861 as the wood him in the river side. After that year, he is a regular exhibitors at the salon of the old; Him in Rome in 1886 the country received his first medal le evening news, be acquired Luxembourg gallery.
Many German works best when the son of a hedgehog was painted in bourbon France's central district, as well as in central Nivernais and [1] His main artworks:
In the evening in the Loire river bank (1861).,The crow (1865).Happy evening news (1866) ,Le sauter lupu (1873),Loire (1882).Check in SAO tome and walter (1883).
About whether or not he valley of Australian swimming will fine leaves the Paris opera, panel some decoration work, he found that in 1870 salon.
He had a lot of students, emil Appay (1876-1876), Jenny Rongier, Soudier Jane (1885-1885), Louis Alexander Cabie Pierre pooh goyal, Raymond verdun and Dardoize Emile (1826-1826).