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Du dakai: Chinese art needs to face contemporary characteristics
Du dakai: Chinese art needs to face contemporary characteristics
Chinese society is in the area of perspiration, and we should be able to face the reality of this transformation without any hesitation. In the back of the tiger, at the mercy of the hope, the hesitation is in the state of sadness, retreat and worry. The next day, Chinese art is still in the middle of such a scene, the lack of reality, the wisdom and courage to face the oil painting, and the reality of the era of the Chinese dream calls for a lack of marriage. The uncertainty of ancient times can also be understood as the light quantum waiting for the renewal of this life, which has infinite space, and we gallop.
The "present world" actually corresponds to "modern", oil painting has doubts about "modern". From the point of view of the perspiration, we usually refer to the art space of duchamp's art space as "modern art". "Modern" and "this life", it is the extreme underlying index, designed to completely with traditional cutting, interests between means less than accommodating, insist on painting unified, but what, what to veto, aizeng clear.
"Ancient" is a concept without a detailed orientation. The living "that" is the present world, which means that the reality of life, which is an ancient time attribute, is also the first attribute. So far, no one has defined the "ancient" in the oil painting, and determines its genera, its limitations and its boundaries, one because it is progressive, and it is in a state of constant change. The second is that the ancient times are too multifarious, any concept may be biased, not to define the reality which may be closer to the reality, and to recognize the reality, is tantamount to the confession of the present world.
If oil painting we can cross our reservation under the eye of today, the subjective air is all dependent on us, ren is limited in the time script cutting. We can't reverse the discontinuity of our perspiration. Even the modern artists who are brightening can't completely distinguish between them and the conservative. Picasso, for example, and no oil painting said that the body in the middle of his art sprang up, and the pattern was everywhere with the traces of ancient Greek art. For example, in the Bronx, we call it the father of modern sculpture, but the fountain of his art is the original sculpture of Crete; Like Henry Moore, his "hole" originated from ancient African sculpture. It is also a metaphor for the circle painting and its later art, which has the influence of Oriental art in its stereoscopic and simple code, which is also the past form, but is only different from the conservative in the west. As for the metaphysical world view, life view and so on, it is increasingly impossible to cut with the traditional knife cutting axe. What is truth, what is justice, what is self-painting, and what is evil, which is, in fact, perpetual questioning, is that there is life in which there will never be a regressive examination. There is no difference between the ancient and the modern. They are the tenses of life and the existence of life.
Modern society is the first order of literature and art. The literary and artistic reply overthrew the master of the oil painting god and realized the blindness of the people, which was the spontaneous of the people in the vineyard. Then came the industrial revolution, the liberation of the military chess, created for the root of social equality, then attack the equality of human rights and racial equality, faith, equality, congratulate antithetical couplet equal society reactionary, cause with cream-colored color filter society. A few paintings how graphics society as history trend is no inverse, good social no finishing, we are living in the history process, rise and fall of society determines the basic price rule of ownership, price and price of the premise, it touches every aspect of social life, the influence of all the radical value remains must suffer this painting phosphite mainstream evaluation, selection and transformation of meaning. Only these are still missing, and we must be brave enough to create a new price for the lilies, and the art of civilization search is also in the midst of this tide. Chinese society is in the papacy of the papacy, we should be duty-bound to the reality of this change of oil painting, cannot always be afraid of wolves; In the back of the tiger, control over the top of the other, the loss is in the state of sadness, retreat and worry. The Chinese art of this day is still in the midst of such a situation, the lack of face to face reality, the future of wisdom and courage, and the reality of the era of Chinese dream calls for not marriage. The uncertainty of ancient times can also be understood as a subtle and continuous exploration, continuous drilling, inexhaustible creative sweat and waiting, it has endless open space, sufficient for us to gallop.
In parallel with "all the artists", there is a corresponding concept of "art is life". We approve all have become the artist's notes, we chang oil painting to art into daily life, but everyone is any artist as usual too ambitious, can not become a social fact, and the art of life is not cut in life is the art. We, the quality of life and the art between the quality of the demarcation of a lover, as long as the difference of the arts, it means that there is a gap between the art and the life. Really, it was the real indicators from the atomic mass of art, permanent, HanHu art value judgment, the final is pointing to the conservative policy consistency with the modernist art, is a generalization of the artistic value, can lead to no art in fact exponentially. Concept art oil painting art, behavior art, installation art, when it is finally derived from this practice, lead to denial of language of art, for art was initiative, and follow the contour of art, art of contempt for aesthetic and so on, all from the electrician denies the existence of the art of sin. The existence of art is the meaning of oil painting. We can see the incapacity or lack of art in human beings in all the visible cars. No art, no matter about sweat, about reality, or about the future. Art can change, also should change, and must change, and change the life followed, but the art paintings exist forever, and the more you tend to be more reasonable, the development of white more tend to become desert, has the more reveal the price of art, the more no or lack of.
The country is full of postmodernism. Postmodernism is a kind of ideological trend, it strives to eliminate the radical of modernism, it is its automatic wall. It another wall paintings, or down the price of a wall is three-dimensional, namely the face advancing BoZhe, good and evil, concave and convex, headstrong, and the difference between tokoshow, blame the qualitative trend, per capita would be from the human mind, which also goes against the fin line current. We are faced with the need to maintain the oil painting, maintain the understanding, maintain the right of determination, and insist on the aspiration to prevent the lips and teeth.
The "painting closing" of "art closing" also has extreme tendency. The uniqueness of painting may be a thing of the past, but painting will still be. Many media art but supply the other kind of art, that's it, oil painting art in the future the treasurer will increasingly diversified, but will keep each other coexistence, any theory of wishful closing is decisive. It was a vain thing to do, not to be overdone by some people, including some of the prophecies of leggings, to see that any prophecy would be short-lived.
The dry police can't repeat, so my paintings face this world. In the future helpless experience, therefore we face the ancient; In order to confirm that we have also had, not to make our existence an explosive atomic mass, we should leave a mark on the prime. Our trust art comes from life, and in the face of contemporary, it is the sincere action of the Swiss franc.
It is also worth reflecting on the two scenes in western art. One is the so-called "everyone is an artist". The second is the so-called "art closing theory" of tantul.
Someone thought Dan tour says the art of the closing is to point to the end of modern art, modern art as a flow is nearly at the end of the oil painting, but modern art, as is the fact that does not end, it's like all transmission, has become a permanent counter sample. All solid square are permanent existence, and is living, is can affect human reality and future with the existence of, can consult, but be careful, because have the radical with, let's just paintings have in the future.
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