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Lady Folding a Letter

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Artist Introduce:
Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun, born in 1755 in France, learn portrait after becoming famous, was elected member of the French Royal Academy of painting, sculpture, died in Paris in 1842.
Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun, France's date of birth date of his death in 1755 countries through 1755 year career painter The main achievements France's most outstanding female painter Representative works of the painter and her
Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun, was born in 1755 in the house of art, painting portraits after becoming famous, was elected a member of the French Royal Academy of painting, sculpture. Abroad, many famous art colleges and universities are hired her as "honor teachers" she is France's most outstanding female painter.
Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun, she began in 1779 as the queen Marie Antoinette portraits, became queen Marie Antoinette's good friend. This young and beautiful, Elizabeth Louise d thermal le brun, a great honor and status. From then on into the upper class in Paris, a royal and noble to please her portrait. After the French revolution began her exile abroad, in exile or to stop painting, European countries of the royal family and nobles can get what she draw portrait and feel pleasure. After return to Paris in 1801, Elizabeth Louise d thermal, le brun, remain committed to a portrait. Life wrote more than eight hundred works, mostly portraits.
In his later years editing
Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun, old age - le brun, put down the brush, memoirs, with all my heart. In 1842, Elizabeth Louise d thermal DE le brun, died in Paris.

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