Charles-François Daubigny (Charles - Francois Daubigny, 1817-1878) French knight army medal winner, barbizon painter, is considered one of the important precursor of impressionism, was born in Paris on February 15, 1817, died in Paris on February 19, 1878, was buried in Paris priest lachaise cemetery 24 area. More than family, was born in art have been with my father - landscape painter armon DE Francois Charles-François Daubigny's (Edmond Francois Daubigny) and uncle miniaturist Pierre Charles-François Daubigny, (Pierre Daubigny) learning to paint. 1834 more than he had in Fontainebleau, a long time for outdoor sketch; In 1835 more than, with his work earned good go to study abroad in Rome, Italy, often near the village travel sketches to Rome... See More