Théodore Géricault ( September 26, 1791 - January 26, 1824) was a pioneer of the French romantic painting, to the development of romanticism painting and realistic painting has important effect.
Théodore Géricault countries by France's date of birth, died on September 26, 1791 date painter on January 26, 1824
Théodore Géricault is good at depicting the sports theme, early by the guidance of classical painting painters GaiLan, large a giant painting of the baroque style, create a
Group of military theme paintings by Rubens and the influence of the gro, composition has a strong movement. Early representative as a hussar, depicts the rider and horse moving. 's 1816 visit to Italy in Florence and Rome, very appreciate Michelangelo's style. In 1818 he created the famous "raft of murdo Mr", depicts the murdo shaman of the wreck, remnants of the people on the raft drifting for many days, met distant ships for help. This painting for its triangular composition and rich color, expressed a strong shock, as British romanticism painting works.