Étienne Pierre Théodore Rousseau (Etienne Pierre Theodore Rousseau, 1812-1867) French barbizon leader, was born on April 15, 1812 in Paris, December 22, 1867, died in barbizon. Rousseau was born in Paris to a middle class family, his father is a tailor, my mother had been a series of several artists. Rousseau, a wave as he DE saint horse when uncle began to study painting, in after Joseph Raymond formal painting studio, and models to draw in the studio in le el, he had to in the Louvre A copy of lorraine historical landscapes. The orthodox education also had a fiction in Rousseau's mind the idea of landscape. But Rousseau raised in suburban Paris sketches, especially in 1831 and 1832 he twice to Normandy travel gave him great influence, and made him from the start to do a "native". So he immediately dismissed the idea, to go in nature. Rousseau's landscape painting originally influenced by 17th century Dutch landscape, later had to Claude lorraine (Claude Lorrain, 1600-1682).